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Dirt can cause the HP DV6-6000 laptop fan to make noise and even stop spinning properly. In order to replace fix or install your new HP DV-66000 laptop fan and heatsink, you will need to open up your laptop. This tutorial about how to disassemble HP Pavilion DV6-6000 laptop. It is also fit for HP Pavilion DV6-6050, HP Pavilion DV6-7000, and some others HP laptop.

Fit for: HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6-6050 DV6-6090 DV6-6100 DV7-6000.
Compatible With: KSB0505HB, SUNON MF60120V1-C180-S9A DC 5V 2.0W, SUNON MF60120V1-C181-S9A DC 5V 2.0W, 650847-001, 665277-001, 666392-001, 653628-001, discrete graphics, 650797-001, 641477-001, 655284-001, 665309-001.

  • Remove the Battery, Memory and Sata HDD Driver.
  • Remove the DV6-6000 Wireless LAN NIC and Keyboard.
  • The removal of DV6-6000 C shell palmrest.
  • Remove motherboard of DV6-6000 with heatsink fan.
  • Reinstalling the new HP DV6-6000 Fan
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How to finish the HP CQ42 CQ62 G42 G62 CQ56 G56 laptop CPU cooling fan or heat sink replacement safety? This is also a good manual diagram for removing and installing battery, motherboard, hard disk, memory, WLAN, DVD-rom, HDD cover, keyboard, touchpad, speaker, power swift, modem board, bluetooth module, USB board, Power control, LCD screen, hinge, RJ11, RTC battery, CPU processor. Most of HP Compaq laptop assembly process is similar.

1. Remove the battery.

2. Remove HDD cover and SATA driver.

3. Remove the DVD-ROM driver.

4. Remove memory cover and push the memory, WLAN module.

5. Remove the CQ42 G42 CQ62 G62 CQ56 G56 keyboard.

Warning: Pull the keyboard connector cable!

6. Remove the C shell palm rest.

7. Remove speaker, power swift button, Modem module, bluetooth module, USB board, Power controller.

8. Remove the lcd screen with the hinge and A&B cover.

9. Remove the mainboard of HP Compaq CQ42 CQ62 CQ56 G42 G62 G56.

10. Remove the RJ11, DVD ROM Driver, RTC battery.

11. Remove laptop cooling fan heatsink assembly and CPU processor.

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How to remove and install the memory or sata disk driver of HP Pavilion DV6-6000 DV6-6050?

Step 1: Remove the DV6-6000 battery. Push the bottom to left, then the battery will be get out.

Step 2: Push the bottom to right, then the cover in the bottom will jump out, so we can get it.

Step 3: Now you can remove the screws for replacement the HP DV6-6000 Sata 2 Hard Disk and Memory.

Warning: In the last step, you should push the HDD Disk, not pull fiercely!!

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